Access to learning, then and now.

Last decade, most of us watched TV when the show was broadcast. Now most of us stream Netflix when it is convenient.

Last decade, most of us bought our music from Sanity when it was open. Now most of us listen to any music we want to, at any time, on Spotify or  Music.

Last decade, most of went to the bank in our lunch hour. Now most of us bank online from our smartphones, wherever, whenever.

Last decade, we expected students to attend a time-tabled class to participate in a lesson. Now …?


2 thoughts on “Access to learning, then and now.

  1. There is so much to be exited about with 21st century teaching, but are constrained by a 19th century system. We are well overdue for an overhaul of what still ultimately drives our education-the ATAR score!

  2. Great question!?! System constraints likely. Great systems need innovators and change agents. How many of these do you know leading schools or school systems that we belong too?

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