Phonecasting with ipadio

It has never been easier to have your students make a podcast and publish it to the Internet.

I’ve been looking for something like ipadio since Utterli discontinued its support for Australian phone numbers around this time last year.

The ipadio service allows a student to pick up any telephone and record their phonecast (or “phlog”) directly to the web.  Best of all, its completely free.  Even the call is to a freecall 1800 number! (note: 1800 numbers are not free from cellphones). In comparison, even when Utterli was available to Australians, it cost a local phone call and if outside Melbourne or Sydney, users were charged for a long-distance call.

ipadio works seamlessly, too.  To test it, I gave my students each a small research task – a question to find an answer to – and asked them to ‘phlog’ their response.  If you would like to see the results, have a look at my students’ phlogs.

The best way to set this up is to first create a class blog (I use WordPress – but you could alternatively use Posterous, LiveJournal or Blogger).  Then have each of your students point their browser to to set up a free ipadio account which takes about 5 minutes (remind them to sign up using their first name only).  ipadio will give them a 1800 number to call and a 4-digit PIN number.  Once logged in, have your students click the “Social Media” tab, and fill in the details of the class blog site you created earlier.

That’s really all there is to it!  Now students just need to pick up a telephone, dial the 1800 number, enter their PIN, wait for the tone and start speaking.  Whatever they record is cross-published to your class blog where you and your class can listen to and comment on each.

Obviously there is no easy way to edit your recording or add jingles and sound effects in post production (because there is no post-production!), and the audio quality is limited by the quality of the telephone’s mouthpiece – so I won’t be using ipadio to record Douchy’s Biology Podcast, but when all I need is a simple and elegant way to get my students podcasting from home, or anywhere,  ipadio is just what I’ve been looking for. In fact, it feels almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

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  1. Thanks for this blog – glad you liked it. One minor comment – you can actually edit the phonecasts in several ways:

    1. If I give you (e-mail me if you wnat this on a more advanced account (not normally free – but we’re happy for testing purposes to do this) you can add an audio message off the back end which is an uploaded MP3 – a ‘call to action’ if you like;
    2. You can drop the MP3 down from your account and reupload (if you uncheck the live button you can in effect gather the content – edit and reupload then make live).
    3. You can upload an MP3 direct (which would help your podcasting)
    4. You can use our iphone app which has a record and upload feature (which we prefer because it costs us less than the ‘freephone’ call people make!) which is near perfect audio.

    Too good to be true element amused me – it is our intention to keep this free for consumers – but charge businesses. And I mean free – including not having horrible tacky and irrelevant adverts spoiling the lovely tech! We are doing well with business subscribers – so hope that our consumers are kind and help promote our services to those that can afford (and it’s not much) to pay us. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your views of Uncle Sam) we are not Californian teenagers so have to earn more than we spend 😉



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  3. so did I originally… but if you call from another phone, it just tells you that the phone you are calling from is not registered, and asks you to type in the phone number of a registered phone… then you are away 😀

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