A full dress rehearsal … alone


Yesterday I spent a day chatting (yes, literally) with 9 new leaders from CEP (the Country Education Project) and Lesley MacGregor  – their Project manager.  The aim of the day, was to share some of the work i have been doing with their group – I guess they wanted a chance to pick my brain about lots of things, from mobile phone policies to learning trends in millennial students to the technical details of some of what I do.  

Have you ever noticed that the best ideas come to you, when you are giving your ideas away to others?  It saddens me when teachers develop resources or ideas but are unwilling to share them.  It happens a lot.  

Next year i have $20,000.00 at my disposal to spend on extending my work and research into the pedagogy surrounding the use of emerging technologies. (I won this funding as part of my Victorian Education Excellence Award earlier this year).  A large part of this money I am using to buy teacher release so that I can work 1-on-1 with teachers to explore the use of ICT in their particular area of education.  One of the teachers I’ll be working with is a drama teacher (because that’s quite different to science).  I’ve been trying to think of ideas for things that we can do (and really hadn’t thought of anything really inspired).

Well, yesterday while we were brainstorming about podcasting, Lesley said something that made my mind race with possibilities.  What about this: We record a drama performance as a podcast, with each player recording on a different track.  Then we export several versions of the podcast… each with one of the tracks missing.  Now each player can listen to the podcast, and practise his or her lines by speaking out loud when they get to the gaps.  It’s like a full dress rehearsal… but alone!  Great huh?  Thanks for the inspiration Les!

The same possibility exists for music!  Imagine a student practicing his saxophone, but at the same time, he can hear the entire orchestra (minus the sax) through his iPod!  That’s never been possible before. (except in a full rehearsal).

But the point I want to make is this:  Had I not been willing to spend a day giving away my thoughts – I may never have stumbled upon this gem of an idea.  The more you give things away, the richer you become – at least as far as ideas are concerned.


6 thoughts on “A full dress rehearsal … alone

  1. Andrew,

    First my congratulations on your awards, fantastic stuff.

    You talk of drama and ICT integration caught my eye today – I’ve primarily been a drama teacher for the last few years (moving more into English next year :)) and have been a devote technology integrater for the entire time.

    If you’re looking for some drama ideas or your teacher wants to bounce ideas with someone online, feel free to check out my blog (http://mobbsey.blogspot.com) or tweet me on twitter (mobbsey). Love talking about the ICT potential for drama.


  2. Andrew, I love the podcast idea for drama and music. Actually, you can buy a musical score with a CD which gives you a full orchestra/band version of songs, as well as the same thing but with your instrument missing, so you can play along with the orchestra, but your idea – well, Lesley’s idea – extends this even further because you can make your own, tailoring it to what you need to learn at the time. It’s exciting to think of authoring possibilities when previously teachers and students have always relied on what is available to buy. More openings for creativity and collaboration!

  3. Weighing in on this very late I know. However, recently I have seen young people composing much of their own music. It just seems to rise from them as they practise, and it turns into a composition of their own. Podcasts which helps them structure some of their compositions might be valuable. It would be a creative way of introducing some theory as well.

    I was lucky enough to attend ConVerge09 and was inspired by your keynote to leap into podcasts. While I have thought about it a lot, it just seemed a little too hard. EasiSpeak, here I come.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Andrew
    I also was lucky enough to attend conVerge09 and I am now a podcast fan I just hope I can make my mark on the powers that be to let me go ahead and give it a try 🙂
    Fingers crossed and toes .

    i just have to work out which subject to choose thats easy to begin with lol.

  5. Let me know what you decide upon. I am also pondering the possibilities. Too many ideas, just need to sort them into some sort of order.

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